• Shipping
  • Forwarding
  • Agency
  • Liner Traffic to and from Norway
  • Custompapers – Bonded Storage
  • Terminal facilities chilled/frozen/drycargo
  • 24 hours service


North Atlantic Shipping was established 01.12.2006. The reason for establishing North Atlantic Shipping in Hirtshals is the unique location of the port. The Port of Hirtshals is a HUB regarding transportation to and from countries in the North Atlantic Region.

The 1st of March 2009 North Atlantic Shipping was nominated as agent for Nor Lines in Hirtshals. Nor Lines, one of the largest transport companies in Norway, is currently operating 18 ships and have more than 50 terminals in Norway.

North Atlantic Shipping provides the following services:

  • Agency in the Port of Hirtshals
  • Liner Trafiic to and from Norway every week
  • Haulage
  • Discharging / loading of ships
  • Chartering.
  • Warehouse service chilled/frozen/drycargo
  • Custompapers import and export incl EU clearance

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